Frequently Asked Questions


How do I create a new Learner Account?

To Log In to Purple Academy you have to create a new account. There are two ways to accomplish this:

  • The first one is to simply connect with your LinkedIn account. It’s the easiest way by far since you don’t need to remember yet another password. To log in, simply click on the LinkedIn icon and follow the process.

  • The second option for creating a new account is using your email. Click on the "Create Account" button that can be found in the login form.

How do I register for a course?

  • Log in using your login credentials or LinkedIn account.
  • Select the course you are interested in from the course catalog.
  • Double click the course and you will be directed to the course page.
  • Click on "Register for Free" button.
  • Now, you are registered for the course. Click "Continue" button to start learning.

What are the requirements for successful completion of a course?

  •     First, all course modules must be completed. After, a learner has to score a minimum of 80% to pass the certification exam.

    When will I receive my certificate via email?

    • If you pass the certification exam with a minimum of 80% exam, you will receive an email from Verified <> in a few minutes.

    How many tries do I have to pass the certification exam?

    • Upon completion of all course modules, you have three attempts to pass the certification exam.

    Are all courses offered in Purple Academy free?

    • Yes, all courses are free. We're pleased to give back to the community.

    Can I take the courses on my iPad or tablet?

    • Of course you can. Purple Academy is fully responsive in all kinds of mobile devices.

    Can I take more than one course at a time?

    • Yes. You can take as many courses as you wish.

    How do I navigate inside a course?

    • Once you access a course, you will find a full table of contents at the left-hand side of the screen. You can browse through the sections and access the learning unit you would like to study. In most cases you would be better off when simply following the linear course order proposed by the course instructor. In the future you can always come back re-visit any learning unit you wish. Note that learning units that you have visited/completed are marked with a discrete check mark.