Fundamentals of Continuous Security Validation Course

This course provides fundamentals of Continuous Security Validation (CSV) that you need to validate and improve security effectiveness continuously. It describes each stage of the Continuous Security Validation lifecycle with examples.
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What is Continuous Security Validation?

Continuous Security Validation is a novel approach that solves problems around vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, and red teaming. 

Enterprises are turning to Continuous Security Validation, to ensure that the measures they put in place are effective and working correctly, 24/7. 

Security Validation helps enterprises reduce the risk of breaches by optimizing security operations and increasing the efficacy and scalability of existing cybersecurity investments.

Continuous Security Validation provides continuous, repeatable, and automated testing and validation of an organization's security controls and its security operations. 

It enables security teams to track and improve security posture and assess the effectiveness of security controls at prevention and detection levels.